Firesway Design & Media offer a full range of website hosting and domain registration options. Whether you are just setting up your company and you want to make sure you have the domain name registered or you need your website hosted, we can organise basic hosting or more advanced hosting options such as MySQL database, ecommerce solutions and development platforms.


Registering a domain name may seem like a complicated business - what domain do I register? Do I register the or the .com? How do I manage the domain? How do I set up all my email addresses and importantly, how do you make sure that when someone types in that my website appears?

Domain renewals:

Firesway Design & Media can handle all of this for you and more. We will let you know when your domain is due for renewal and make sure the renewal process is carried out properly, ensuring your website stays visible to your customers.

Multiple domain names and domain forwarding:

Once you have a domain name, then you own it and continue to do so until you no longer need it or change it for another. There's no rule that says you can't have more than one domain name registered and pointing to your website but we can help set all of this up.

Domain transfers:

If you currently own one or multiple domain names and they are managed by another company and you are looking to move them, then we can help. Your domain name can be transferred, along with any website files and databases, and your website set up again on our servers.


Firesway Design & Media offer a variety of different hosting solutions to meet your online business needs and your budget. Our basic hosting packages start at a very competitive rate and include your web space, POP3 email addresses, webmail access and FTP account. We can also provide hosting for development platforms such as PHP, ASP.NET, Java, Ruby on Rails and ColdFusion.

Advanced Hosting:

We also offer more advanced packages which include MySQL database hosting, Wordpress, JOOMLA and many more options which can be customised to suit your current website and adjusted along the way to match your website as it develops.

Content Management Systems:

At Firesway Design and Media, we offer design, development and hosting for a variety of websites from static html brochure style sites, fully customised content managed websites and secure online shopping websites.

Speak to us today to discuss your website hosting needs.